Winter Walk – Hog Roast Fort William

Last month we were asked to be part of a popular event hosted by a local pub in Fort William. Each season they host a long walk through the Scottish countryside where couples, families, children and four legged friends alike come together, this time wrapped up in gloves and scarfs for a beautiful hike followed by warm drinks, pints and tasty food when they arrive back at the pub. During prior walking events, the hosts have put on their own BBQ in the lovely garden area at the back of the property but had sought out something different this year – which is where ourselves at Hog Roast Fort William come in!

We had been asked to provide enough tasty food for up to 150 people. This was no problem for us as one of our large free range pigs can actually serve up to 300+!! It really surprises people just how much meat you can get from one of these fantastic animals. As we only needed to serve half of that number, we choose one of our average sized pigs which can typically serve 160 guests. We arrived in the early morning to set all of our equipment up for the day ahead. As we were arriving the early risers were gathered on the carpark outside where they were getting wrapped up warm for their frosty morning walk. I was a little jealous myself that I couldn’t join them on such a beautiful day! As the walkers set off on their way we began with getting the meat cooking over open flames for several hours, slowly turning to create that succulent and tender meat we are so very fond of. We prepared our made on site condiments too of apple sauce, stuffing and crispy, moreish crackling!! It’s a task in itself keeping my own hands off it when I’m serving – it’s delicious!

After several hours, our cold and now very muddy walkers returned to the site, greeted with hot chocolates and coffees and of course large floured bread rolls piled high with tender pork meat and all of the toppings. It may just have been the quickest I have ever seen a hog roast Fort William eaten by the ravenous walkers and it went down just a treat, with plenty of leftovers to curb the hunger of those especially peckish. A truly wonderful day which I hope ourselves at Hog Roast Fort William have the pleasure of catering for again in the future!