Our Tempting Southern Slow Roast, A Firm Favourite At Hog Roast Oban

Hog Roast ObanHog Roast Oban can wow all of the guests at your next special occasion, whatever that may be, as we’re highly experienced in catering everything from wedding receptions and breakfasts to corporate functions, birthday parties and so much more. Whether you’re inviting hundreds of guests or just a few and no matter the location (as our trusty hog roasts are powered by gas bottles, so we can serve anywhere you like), we have plenty of choice and variety in order to make your event a resounding success from beginning to end.

We have various menus for you to choose from if you prefer, so you can mix and match dishes to build your own, and if you’re after more than a tasty main, we also have starters, side dishes, desserts and canap├ęs for you to decide on, in case you’re planning on having a menu of multiple courses. However, one of our standalones, which we created to suit our customers, and which can be adapted in certain ways in order to make it perfect for you, may well be just the ticket for your event or party, and one such menu is our Hog Roast Oban Southern Slow Roast.

This mouthwatering menu comprises three mains (all meats that we marinate in our special rubs before cooking slowly and at a low temperature on the day of your special occasion) as well as three sides, and you actually get to choose all of them yourself when you book. First of all, decide on your three main courses from five – sticky pork ribs, pork butt, minted lamb, spicy whole-roasted chickens and beef brisket – and they’ll be accompanied by a trio of tasty sauces – a super spicy hot pepper sauce, a hickory bourbon BBQ sauce and a sweet and smoky BBQ glaze. Next, select your three favourite sides, from corn cobettes, mac and cheese, potato salad, roasted baby new potatoes, a selection of seasonal vegetables, a Greek salad, a leafy salad, coleslaw and a mixture of traditional and sweet potato fries.

For this tempting menu, a different standalone or to decide on your own instead, simply call Hog Roast Oban today.