Hog Roast Loch Lomond

Hog Roast Loch LomondNestled in the boundary between the Scottish Highlands and the lowlands of central Scotland lies the beast that is Loch Lomond. The Loch is a huge 36.4 kilometres long and up to 8 kilometres wide in parts so unsurprisingly dominates the scenery with its majestic beauty. The Loch boasts the title of being the largest inland stretch of water in all of Great Britain according to surface area which is no mean feat! Forming part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park that was first established in 2002, the Loch brings plentiful tourists into the area looking to explore the Loch and its surrounding mountains.

Despite the remoteness of Loch Lomond it is only fourteen miles northwest of central Glasgow which is important for the tourism industry by providing easy access to the area and plenty of amenities. There is of course lots to do in the area if you love the outdoors such as hill walking to take in the breath taking scenery, kayaking and boat rides. With wonderful scenery comes brilliant wildlife as red deer can be seen throughout the area and if you look closely enough you might even spot a wallaby on the island of Inchconnachan ever since a colony was brought there in the 1940s!

There’s even something in Loch Lomond for the booklovers out there as the spot is famed for being the spot where Sir Walter Scott wrote the poem ‘The Lady of The Lake’ in 1810, and is also a known favourite haunt of Wordsworth and Coleridge among others.

To the south side is Loch Lomond Shores – a scenic shopping village. Here you might find some local fresh produce and Scottish brands that will inspire you to explore the area some more. With such a stunning backdrop we couldn’t resist setting up Hog Roast Loch Lomond to provide our unique style of catering to the people of the area.

Leaders In Our Field

Hog Roast Loch Lomond isn’t like other catering companies. We work with you to ensure you get the most out of your catering experience. Whether that’s a small garden gathering for you and a couple of friends or a highly anticipated wedding with hundreds of guests. Not to mention Hog Roast Loch Lomond can provide much more than just hog roasts, although they are our speciality. We can slow roast any meat of your choosing and serve it alongside the finest accompaniments made with only local produce. So why not get in touch and start organising a Hog Roast Loch Lomond today!