Our Fantastic Southern Slow Roast And What It Entails

When it comes to caterers, Hog Roast Plockton is the perfect choice, regardless of the type of party or event that you’re planning. We strive to satisfy each and every one of our customers and their guests and that means that we have a great deal of choice and variety on offer within our menus, which even allows you the flexibility to create your very own if needed.

Hog Roast PlocktonYou can choose to feature your favourite meaty main, even if that’s not our mouthwatering Hog Roast Plockton signature food, as we provide so much more, and you can decide on any number of other homemade courses too, such as welcome canap├ęs, starters, sides or desserts, so whatever you’re dreaming of, we’ll do you proud. However, we also have our own standalone menus available, including our Loaded Fries, Traditional Barbecue, Alfresco and Southern Slow Roast, and the latter is the subject of this blog, so that you can learn more about what it entails.

Our Southern Slow Roast gives you not just one meaty main but three and you get to choose them in advance from barbecued pork butt, minted lamb, sticky pork ribs, Cajun-spiced chickens and Texan beef brisket. Your meats are marinated in our secret-recipe rubs beforehand and then slow-roasted on the day of your special occasion for hours on end, resulting in soft, tender and moist meats that are all packed full of flavour.

As well as your trio of mains, you also select four side dishes to accompany them, from a selection of hot and cold possibilities including gourmet coleslaw, corn cobettes, mac and cheese, seasonal vegetables, potato salad, roasted baby new potatoes, fries, a Greek salad and a seasonal green leaf salad. Whichever you decide on, you and your guests will be treated to some truly delicious food, made out of fresh, quality ingredients, as well rolls, wraps and sauces, and if you need options for special diets too, this menu includes ones for vegans and vegetarians and we can cater other requirements too.

So for this fantastic menu or even for something totally different instead, your next call should be to Hog Roast Plockton!